Tewes Poultry Farm
Fresh Turkeys
Our Products:
Fresh Turkeys
Year round, call to order.

Turkey Breast
Year round, call to order.


Boneless Turkey Breast

Ground Turkey
Fresh year round.


White Skinless Ground Turkey
All white meat ground turkey


Extra turkey liver/gizzards

Extra legs, wings, thighs of turkey

Extra turkey necks/back

Fresh Frying and Roasting Chickens Whole or cut-up 2-10lbs

Chicken Breasts-Fresh year round.
$5/ lb. Boneless $6.50/lb

Chicken Parts
Drumsticks, necks, wings, etc.


Large Eggs- Fresh year round
$3.50/Per dozen

Large Brown Eggs-Fresh year round $4/Per dozen

Extra Jumbo Eggs-Some eggs are double yolk
$4/Per dozen

Bluegrass Bacon
$6/1.25lb. pack

Live baby bunnies

Fresh Home-grown Vegetables (beans, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, greens) seasonal, call ahead and prices vary

All prices are subject to change
We prefer cash or check (quicker for you).
We do accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express ($20 minimum)
Tewes Poultry Farm- Fresh Turkeys
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