Tewes Poultry Farm
Fresh Turkeys
The Tewes Poultry farm was originally started in 1924,
by John Tewes Sr.,  on what is now Charter Oak Road in
Edgewood, Kentucky.  We then focused hatching and raising
chickens.  In 1945, John Tewes Jr. with his wife, Mary, and 5 children, bought 125 acres of land between
Crescent Springs and Erlanger to start their own
poultry farm. John Tewes Jr. saw a new opportunity to
expand his business.  He started selling and raising
300 turkeys a year, in addition to eggs and other
poultry.  As his business expanded so did his family,
which grew to 17 children.  Our Family is the heart of
the business, doing daily chores and delivering
poultry weekly to 300 customers.  Today our farm is
still family owned and operated, by Johnís 13th
son, Daniel and wife, Darlene. The farm is the only
natural turkey farm in the state of Kentucky.  The
farm now raises 3000 turkeys a year.   To this day our farm still operates with the same quality of poultry.  We raise only free-range  turkeys and chickens. 
Tewes Poultry Farm- fresh turkeys
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